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Natural Asphalt Remove/Release in Kernersville, NC

Here at TCHEM Industrial Services, we proudly manufacture environmentally friendly asphalt removers and surface lubricants which are made from plant derived materials, so are classified as biodegradable.
Our natural asphalt remover is useful for cleaning asphalt from a variety of other tools and materials like lab equipment, paving equipment, and haul vehicles. Our natural asphalt agent offers superior protection with no diesel fuel included because we understand how diesel fuel can undermine the integrity of asphalt mixes and is against EPA regulations to use diesel fuel.
Our release agent is designed to stick to the vertical surfaces of truck beds, drag slats, tools, and other metal surfaces, forming a barrier between the asphalt and the surface you want to protect. It accomplishes this by forming a micro-thin film that creates an electrostatic charge between the rubber or metal surface and the asphalt, repelling both materials and keeping them from sticking. Additionally, our natural asphalt release agent is designed to offer lasting protection, and it typically lasts three between 4-8 hauls.
Our biodegradable natural asphalt release agent is also a much safer and more environmentally friendly option. It is non-hazardous, and it won't irritate the skin on contact. It is safe on glass, wood, all metal surfaces, and all types of asphalt mixes, and because it is completely biodegradable, it won't leave waste behind.
At TChem Industrial Services, we are proud to provide the asphalt industry with stellar asphalt cleaners and removal products. Contact us today to learn more.