Asphalt Release in Kernersville, NC

Asphalt road work - asphalt release in Kernersville, NC
Our natural asphalt release is reportedly the best performing and the most cost effective product on the market today and is the safe replacement for the once-traditional, now controversial , spraying of diesel fuel on equipment.

The combination of nanotechnology coupled with a boiling point well above the temperature of hot-mixed asphalt creates a unique, non-aqueous lubricant that will coat dump beds, tail gates, wheels/tires, exposed frames, saddle tanks, etc. With a micro-thin film that will stay in place for multiple loads.
Even sticky polymer type mixes will be repulsed by our environmentally friendly product. Natural will not harm glass or painted surfaces and has a pleasant fragrance.

When used as directed, natural will also effectively clean drag slats, silo gates, rubber end steel rollers, pavers, spray bars/nozzles and hand tools.