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Chlorine vs. Bleach For Pressure Washing: Which Is Better?

Pressure washing is a great way to clean a variety of surfaces, from decks to patios to the outside of houses. A pressure washer can clean off built-up residue, mold, dirt, and mildew. 

Knowing what pressure washing chemicals to use is important. You want to ensure you get the job done properly and you don’t damage your machine by using the wrong type of pressure washing chemicals. 

People often ask what’s better for using in a pressure washer: bleach or chlorine? This guide will go over which cleaning solution is best to use when you’re pressure washing so you can clean effectively. 

How to Use Chlorine for Pressure Washing

Chlorine can be an effective cleaning solution to clean concrete with a pressure washer. It can help clean moss off of a concrete driveway or path. It can also help remedy seeping fuel issues on your driveway. 

Pool chlorine is a calcium hypochlorite solution. That means it’s very efficient at dealing with tough grimes and stains on concrete. 

The recommended ratio for chlorine and water is 10:90. Your mixture should be 10% pool chlorine and 90% water. 

When cleaning your driveway or other concrete surfaces with a chlorine solution, you should start with the dirtiest spots first. Let them soak for around 15 minutes. The other parts of your driveway can soak for around 10 minutes. 

Once you’ve cleaned off all the dirt and grime, ensure that you rinse thoroughly with water. That’ll ensure your driveway or concrete surface is free of all the debris you’ve soaked off. 

How to Use Bleach for Pressure Washing

Bleach is an effective method to remove mildew and mold from a surface. However, you should keep in mind that bleach is a corrosive solution. It can remove the color from clothing items and corrode metal. Ensure you’re using it properly so you don’t damage your belongings. 

Another thing to consider is that bleach is a highly reactive compound. That means they can cause chemical reactions when mixed with other cleaning solutions. Don’t mix something else with bleach unless the two are compatible. 

You shouldn’t use just bleach in your pressure washer. That could damage your tool. The best thing to combine with bleach is water. It works well for a variety of surfaces but not all. 

Using a bleach and water solution is especially helpful when cleaning areas that have been greatly affected by mold. Using just water may remove the mold but it won’t stop it from growing back. Kill the mold with bleach. 

The same goes for moss. Power washing it with water will work for thin layers of moss on the sides of a building. Bleach can help prevent the moss from growing back. 

Additionally, if you’re cleaning an area that has been exposed to bodily fluids and germs, a mixture of bleach and water will be effective at sanitizing the area. 

Surfaces like wood or marble won’t handle being pressure washed with bleach. It may shorten their lifespans. 

The ideal ratio of a bleach/water solution is one part bleach to four parts water. Once you’ve cleaned the affected area, rinse with clear water. 

So, Which is Better?

Whether you clean with a chlorine or bleach solution is highly dependent upon what you’re trying to accomplish. Both power washing chemicals should be diluted with water in order to be effective and not damage the surface. 

Bleach is great for killing mold and moss, ensuring it doesn’t come back. Chlorine is a solid option for getting rid of grease stains on concrete. Which one you choose depends on your project. 

Equipment You’ll Need for Pressure Washing

In order to clean effectively with bleach or chlorine, you’ll need the proper equipment. Having the right tools and industrial cleaning supplies will ensure that you clean surfaces properly. 

For big pressure washing jobs, you can get a pressure washer trailer setup. You can save time and bring in more clients with a custom pressure washer trailer/rigs. 

The entire set-up is mobile and completely trailer-mounted. Work with the team at TCHEM Industrial Services to have a custom design built especially for your business. Don’t worry about wasting time setting up each job and untangling hoses once you have your custom trailer setup in place. 

In addition to having a trailer set up for your pressure washer, you’ll need the proper tools and equipment. This can include:

  • Downstream injector
  • Pumps
  • Aluminum wands
  • Trigger gun
  • Nozzles

TCHEM Industrial Services carries exactly what you needing stock. Don’t waste time waiting for spare parts to show up. Head over to our stockroom. 

Chemicals Needed

Like we mentioned before, having the right chemicals will help you get your job done correctly. Knowing when to use chlorine, bleach, or soft wash roof cleaning chemicals is essential to the process. 

We carry house wash, restoration, and fleet wash solutions. We also carry bleach products in a variety of sizes. 

Our clients often tell us that graffiti is one of the most difficult things to clean off sides of buildings. We carry the correct chemicals that make graffiti removal a snap. 

Equipment Service

If any of your pressure washing equipment stops working, don’t worry. You can bring it to the TCHEM Industrial Services shop. We’ll look over your machine and let you know what’s wrong with it. 

We’re focused on getting your business back up and running again as soon as possible. We’ll repair your equipment quickly at an affordable rate. 

We can repair and service any brand of pressure washers and related equipment. Once we’ve determined what’s wrong with it, we can give you an accurate quote. 

Connect With TCHEM Industrial Services 

Using the right chemicals and equipment when your pressure washing helps increase your productivity and reduce your downtime. Knowing what surface you’re cleaning and what you’re trying to remove will help you determine if bleach or choline is best for your project. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our service department at TCHEM Industrial Services if you have any questions. We’re here to help you find new equipment and industrial cleaning solutions. 

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