Retail Sales Leader

*This is an in-person position at our Kernersville NC location*

You’re a great fit for the role if you are a helpful and contributing individual who enjoys a supportive and collaborative environment where you interface directly with customers to connect them with solutions that help in their day to day work.
To be successful in this role you will bring an enthusiastic attitude to the workplace and connect well with others. If you function best in a fast-paced workplace filled with new and assorted challenges, this position offers a quality driven role that will inspire and reward a conscientious person like you!

Target salary is Range $35,000-40,000 + sales commissions

Creating a welcoming and helpful customer experience will be your highest priority. Your job as the main point of contact between contractors and TCHEM will include providing top notch customer service and educating your customers.
Customer experience is not limited to inside of the physical store. You will be interacting with customers online on social media networks and in groups as well as creating social media content for our pages.
In addition to interacting with our current customer base, your responsibility also includes outbound calls to new and prospective customers to let them know more about TCHEM and find out how we can help them in their businesses.
As it will be your responsibility to run a successful storefront, it will also be up to you to manage and track the inventory and relay ordering needs to the Service Division Leader.

We believe our customers’ success, and our success are intrinsically intertwined. You will need a customer first mindset and be able to bring an enthusiastic and cheerful attitude in how you treat the customers and your teammates.
At TCHEM, you will be a part of a team with varied personalities and skills, and you will need to be able to work in a collaborative environment with your team.
You need to have solid communication skills where you can convey information clearly and in a professional manner that provides value.
A successful retail sales leader also requires you to have confidence in how you deal with questions and customers in your day-to-day experiences.

  • A Defined Career Path – You will have the opportunity to build a career with TCHEM where you can make a personal impact. Build your sales, communication and leadership skills and earn the opportunity to advance in your role.

  • Bonus Incentive Structure– In this growth role, you will be well rewarded for your success as we grow TCHEM together.

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