Expert Pressure Washer Repair

Our Service Experts Repair It All

saves you from down time

Broken equipment costs you work.

makes you money

Less downtime means you can take your time on jobs to make more money.

Easy - save frustration

Our pressure washer repair service covers all brands

How Our Pressure Washer Repair Works


bring it by

If your equipment isn’t working right, bring it by the shop for our pressure washer repair services.


we diagnose and quote

Our experts tell you what it needs and estimate the repair cost and time.


you’re back to work

Taking jobs and making money with the right equipment and less downtime.

is your trailer wasting your time?

Are you frustrated with detangling hoses and having to set up each job?

Getting a Custom Set Up Build on your trailer or truck means you roll up to the job ready to go! That means you have more time for other jobs.

Call to schedule a design appointment.

know how

Save Money

finish faster

Save Money

Pressure washing equipment questions

What brands of equipment do you repair?

Our motto is we sell the best and service the rest. We service and repair all brands of pressure washing equipment. Bring it by the shop and tell us what’s broke!

Do you repair and service professional pressure washing units, pumps, and machines?

Yes, our service experts are in our shop, in house to repair all your professional pressure washing equipment. Bring it by the shop and tell us what’s broke.

How long does it take to repair pressure wash equipment?

Our experts will be able to provide the best repair time frame when they diagnose the equipment needing repair. We know it’s important to get you back to work quickly. The diagnosis cost will count towards the first hour of repair labor. Come on by the shop and tell us what’s broke.

6 tools every professional pressure washer needs


We would love to send you our FREE list of the 6 Must haves that every professional pressure washer should have on their truck at all times.