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TCHEM Industrial Services Launches Digital Presence to Help Professional Pressure Washers Be Successful

TCHEM provides equipment, chemical, service and custom fabrication to help pressure washing contractors save money, finish faster and be successful.

Press Release – September  15, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Central Time

KERNERSVILLE, North Carolina – (ONLINE) Jonathan Peters, President of TCHEM Industrial Services, announced the launch of their online presence tchemis.com aimed at taking their mission to help pressuring washing contractors digital by making their knowledge and resources even more accessible.

“At TCHEM Industrial Services we know, pressure washing contractors want to be confident professionals” said Mr. Peters.  “In order to do that you need a source for knowledge, tools and chemicals to get the job done. The problem is most contractors don’t have a source they can trust. Which makes them feel frantic when they are in a pinch. We believe you deserve to have a trusted partner so you don’t have to go at it alone. “

The company says this presence will be used as a hub to share knowledge via videos and articles in effort to connect valuable trade know-how to the audience who most needs it.

“We understand it can be a struggle continued” Mr. Peters, “which is why we’ve spent the last 50 years providing our customers the resource of knowledge, tools and chemicals to solve any problem. “

Professional washing contractors can either call or come in the shop to speak with one of our experts so we can get you the chemical or tool you need to get the job done. And in the meantime, you can visit www.tchemis.com to download our free resource 6 Things Every Pressure Washer Needs On Their Truck At All Times.

“Many washing professionals in the industry have been forced into cookie cutter equipment solutions and chemicals that simply aren’t up to the task”, concluded Mr Peters. “We take all the guesswork out of the equation and make sure you have the right tools and chemical to tackle any job the first go around.”

About TCHEM Industrials Services

TCHEMIS is a chemical manufacturer and retailer as well as a one stop shop for pressure washing pros. From tools and equipment to service and fabrication, they focus on being a resource and trusted partner to pressure washing contractors.

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