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The Ultimate Guide To Pressure Washer Trailers

When it comes to professional pressure washing, efficiency is everything. Research shows the global pressure washer trailers market is developing faster and is expected to grow further between 2020 and 2027. It reveals the importance of pressure washers. 

Similarly, the pressure washer trailer and other key equipment you select will need to be durable in order to make your investment worth it.

In this guide, we’ll show you the finest pressure washer trailers and how to keep your investment in good condition. 

To learn more about pressure washer trailers, read on.

What is the Influence of Pressure Washing?

High-pressure water supplied by specially engineered pumps is 100 times more forceful than a standard garden hose, which is why it is so successful in cleaning a range of goods.

Most smaller pressure washing trailers are used to clean pavement, decks, and house siding, commercial-grade machines can handle larger tasks like:

  • Pools
  • Buses
  • Airplanes
  • Ships
  • Marinas
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Airport terminals
  • Equipment in industrial plants

These high-value projects necessitate the use of dependable and efficient pressure cleaning equipment. It’s a good idea to keep expensive pressure washers as safe as possible to retain their integrity, which is why business owners invest in an enclosed trailer for the equipment and cleaning materials.

What is a Power Washer?

Power washing is used to remove and dislodge large amounts of filth from hard surfaces. It blasts dirt and debris off outdoor surfaces with a high-pressure jet of very hot water. 

The combination of high pressure and water temperature makes it more effective in removing truly stuck-on materials from surfaces. 

To learn more about pressure washers, check out our guide here.

Professional Trailer Pressure Washers

Professional trailer-mounted pressure washers have durable water tanks. These tanks aren’t tiny, either. You should have enough water to take care of whatever job comes your way.

After your job’s complete, all you’ll need to do is take the pressure washer off your vehicle.

Water Tank

You may not always have simple access to a water source when cleaning on the fly. If that’s the case, don’t worry because many of these machines include an onboard water tank.

These pressure water storage tanks can hold up to 300 gallons. They weigh roughly 2400 lbs when full, so be sure your vehicle can take the extra weight.


The majority of these pressure washers come with a trailer already connected, although some are supplied unattached. They arrive on custom-built trailers constructed of heavy-duty 10-gauge steel. If you already have a trailer, save some money and get a unit to attach yourself.

Cold-Water vs. Hot-Water

If you already know you want a trailer pressure washer, you must determine whether you want cold or hot water. Most standard portable pressure washers are cold water, and they work well. 

Cold-water units are typically less expensive and, at the high end, have higher GPM and PSI.

Hot-water systems are more effective in removing grease and oil. The difference is the addition of a hot water heater, which can raise the water temperature by up to 140 degrees.

Steaming capability is another function seen on hot-water trailer pressure washers. It enables you to disinfect items that may not withstand a flood of high-pressure water.

Used, New, or Built Trailer – Which One is Better?

One of the most helpful pieces of cleaning equipment you can purchase is a pressure washer. You have three options for pressure washer trailer setups: buy a prebuilt new one, buy a used one, or build your own. But, which is the best option?

It will come down to your tastes, the amount of money you have to spend, and your needs. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages, but the final selection will be based on what resonates the most with you.

New Trailer

You can get a modern pressure wash trailer for a good price. Many pressure washer manufacturers provide excellent trailers. Furthermore, your pressure washer trailer will get delivered on schedule and in good condition. It gives you the time to start up your business.

A new trailer will be built by an expert, not by someone with a hazy understanding of how these things function, but by a corporation and someone with the knowledge to understand what works and what doesn’t, with a warranty to cover any concerns.

The disadvantage is that you must pay tax when buying a new trailer. It makes no difference what it is; if it’s new and shiny, you pay more for it. 

Like a new vehicle, a new trailer loses value when you drive it off the lot, so these will be more expensive than a used pressure washing trailer setup, but the benefits outweigh the costs for most people.

Used Trailer

If you want to receive a high-quality product at a lower cost, consider purchasing a used one. It can provide fantastic value for money, but it does come with certain dangers because it is used.

You have no clue how effectively the previous owner cared for the trailer. It’s unlikely to come with a warranty. It might result in you bearing the expense for repairs or renovations.

Built Trailer

The most expensive option is to build your trailer. It comes with its own set of hazards; you’ll need to buy all the components and supplies, watch many videos, write out designs and possibly ask around for the best combinations.

Perhaps you might imitate the design of a well-known brand.

When you spend time creating the trailer, you are wasting important time that you might spend setting up and advertising your business; therefore, there is a cost to going down this path.

Furthermore, you will most likely pay for the usual components and supplies with no savings or wholesale discounts. As a result, it will almost certainly be more expensive than a used or even new trailer. 

You can check when it’s time for an upgrade here.

Pressure Washer Trailers

Pressure washer trailers are extremely beneficial. They are transportable, versatile, allow for chemical cleaning. They are the less expensive alternative to many other forms of industrial cleaning and a legitimate business in the long run.

Hopefully, the recommendations above were useful, and you can locate and set up a proper trailer for yourself. We have plenty more articles about the industry available. You can find more about pressure washers in our blog.

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