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Tips For The Challenges Of Winter – Must Have Chemicals & Equipment


Winter Is Here…….

In our first blog post, we discussed how the demand for residential pressure washing projects diminishes in the winter. This means that you need to take on construction and fleet vehicle projects to provide income this winter, which might be unfamiliar and stressful projects for your business. We’ve been through the same wintertime situations and want to give you advice about how we adapted during those often stressful times. Each client brings new challenges and forces you to adapt to new situations.

Today’s blog will show you that having the right equipment and chemicals will allow you to exceed your customer’s expectations in construction and fleet vehicle projects.

TCHEM Knows the Challenges

Just like hitting a 90mph fastball can look easy when it’s on tv, there is a whole lot more to successfully washing heavy duty vehicles in the winter than you think. When we first started out as a pressure washing company in 1982, one of our first customers hired us to clean over 300 of their trailer rigs and road tractors that transported food on the road. We quickly realized that we didn’t have enough equipment and materials to thoroughly wash these vehicles. We have two recommendations that we want you to know, that helped us wash $10,000 worth of services per month with our 1982 client.

Our first recommendation for adapting is this: buy strong enough equipment. The last thing you want is to have a pressure washing project this winter and not to satisfy your customers. Back in 1982, we had to quickly upgrade to a stronger engine-driven pressure washer with a larger tank and stronger PSI level to clean our client’s 300+ tractors and rigs efficiently. We recommend stopping by our store to look at our 8 GPM pressure washer for example.

Our second recommendation for adapting is this: buy reliable chemicals. When we started out, we trusted the chemical supply companies in our area to sell us proper materials for cleaning. Unfortunately, their deceptive chemicals were often watered down and didn’t break down the road film and grime that accumulated on surfaces. Fortunately for you, we have since designed our own line of wash chemicals to help you save money, finish projects faster, and be a successful contractor. We’ll show you what chemicals you need for every construction and fleet vehicle project.

3 Important Wash Chemicals

There are three essential wash chemicals to maximize your time and save money in construction and fleet projects.

The first wash chemical is our #250 / #255 acid-based soap. This soap starts the process of “bond-breaking,” which helps you to easily remove hard-stuck film on your project surfaces like wheeled vehicles. This acid-based soap also functions as an aluminum cleaner, which leaves non-clear coated aluminum surfaces bright and shiny. Try this soap on fuel tanks, support rails, and trailer tops!

The second wash chemical is our #704 detergent, which completes the “bond-breaking” process and allows you to easily rinse road film and gunk off of your clients’ vehicles and equipment. This detergent wash also leaves a brilliant shine on the cleaned hard surfaces. The best part about this #704 detergent is that it has a “low free alkalinity” formula, which allows you to apply it to almost any hard surface without the fear of discoloring paint, aluminum, steel, or anodized plastic. With this wash, you can safely wash everything from a $500 used car to a $250,000 “show truck.”

The final wash chemical you need is our “APD High-Free Alkalinity Degreaser,” which cleans off road tractor oil, grease, and other stubborn films on hard-to-reach areas. With this soap, you’ll be able to efficiently remove layers of dirt and grime that have stuck to oil leak areas on your customers’ wheeled vehicles.

Next Steps

Every construction and fleet vehicle wash project requires you to adapt on some level. Having the right equipment and chemicals will allow you to be ready for any problem that comes your way. TCHEM has the products and also the knowledge of how to use them on any surfaces you come across, giving you the confidence you need to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Let us help you to increase your profit and market share. Come by the store today to save money, finish faster, and be successful.

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