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Winterizing Your Pressure Washing Business

Keep Your Pressure Washing Business Busy Over The Winter

In the pressure wash arena, as in life, timing is everything. The best example is the pending weather transition from fall to winter.

Logically, the number of potential residential pressure washing jobs will decrease at this time of year. The colder temperatures and approaching holidays distract homeowner away from their outside house cleaning projects.

So, what does that mean for your business?

There will be an abundance of other cleaning opportunities will now open up for the prepared pressure washing entrepreneur.

For example, the increase of “bad weather” days means that all commercial “fleet” vehicles will now require regular external washing. There is money to be made doing tasks that very few companies attempt to do in house. Most companies understand that asking their employees to wash their vehicles is not the best use of their time. It can also even be potentially dangerous or at the least cause expensive damage. This means, they will hire a trustworthy mobile pressure wash contractor to wash their vehicles for them.  

Your experience with concentrated chemicals and hot or cold high-pressure water is a skill worth outsourcing.

This is an opportunity to pivot your business model during the winter and continue to bring in the cashflow that is the life blood of every business.  

We, here at TCHEM, understand all aspects of fleet washing since we were originally mobile fleet washers back in the 80’s and 90’s.

You have questions, we have answers based on boots on the ground experience. Let us help you diversify your business so that you can capitalize on the weather changes rather than being “a victim” of the weather changes.

Hope to see you soon! We have every essential part and chemical you will ever need so to stand out in the ever-expanding pressure washing industry.

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