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Pressure Washer Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Equipment

There is little that is more satisfying than watching a pressure washer do its thing taking a completely disgusting surface and making it look like new again. It’s amazing the results you can get with a little effort and the power behind your machine. 

But if you don’t take care of your systems, your pressure washer performance will be dismal and you’ll miss out on those beautiful before and afters. Pressure washer maintenance is key to keeping your equipment ready to go whenever a job comes your way and delivering the best results to your customers every time. 

Follow these maintenance tips to avoid issues and keep your pressure washers working in tip-top shape for years to come! 

Prep Pressure Washer Before Use

It’s tempting to jump right in once you get to a job and start pressure washing all of the things. The quicker you get started, the quicker you finish, and the more satisfied your customer. Right? Not always. 

If you don’t take the time to get everything ready first, you can cause serious damage to your pressure washer and even break it beyond repair. We always suggest taking a few extra minutes to do a quick look over the whole system to make sure everything looks right. Double-check fluid levels, filters, and connection points. 

Do a few test sprays to check water pressure as well. 

Inspect All Parts

During this pre-job inspection, you should also do a thorough inspection of all of the power washer parts as well. Most machines have a variety of smaller parts that can occasionally come loose during jobs or transport, which can cause problems if you try to use the system without them. 

This is also a good time to check the hose that will be supplying the water for the job. 

Problems with the hose will only slow you down and cause frustration. Make sure it’s sturdy and has no holes or weak points. It’s a good idea to layout your path as well to make sure you won’t have problems moving it around the area. 

Use Right Pressure Washer for the Job

No amount of power washer maintenance will help you get the job done if you aren’t using the right system. Some messes are just more intense than others and need more power! 

When that’s the case you need to be professionally outfitted with the equipment meant to handle that amount of work. 

It’s also important to make sure that your handles, nozzles, and other parts fit you and your employees well. This will allow you the most control over the system so you can get the best results. 

Maintain Fluid Levels

Maintenance can’t be left for before and after a job, it’s just as important to keep an eye on your pressure washer system during use as well. Especially on the fluid levels, if they drop too low you can be looking at intense, expensive damage. 

Almost every engine requires oil to function, pressure washers being no different. When you’re pressure washer runs out of oil, the engine parts will have too much friction and too much heat. That causes the whole machine to break down and refuse to start. It’s best to just keep an eye on the oil level and fill it up when necessary instead. 

Only Fill with Proper Chemicals 

While you want to maintain proper fluid levels, you don’t want to add just any fluids to the system. It’s important to use high-quality cleaning chemicals that won’t hurt your equipment. 

We suggest going with professional-grade cleaners for the best results. 

These high-grade chemicals won’t harm the parts of the system as they move through and clean out easily. They’re designed to not gum up and cause problems. Not only that, but they also do better at removing the gunk and getting your cleaning job done. It’s a no-brainer and worst the extra cost upfront!  

Clean it Out and Drain Water

The most important aspect of maintenance to avoid needing any pressure washer repair is to completely drain out your pressure washer after every use. 

As you use the washer, the water runs through the whole system. So if you don’t drain it fully and water sits, it can start to develop mold and mildew. Both of those things aren’t good for parts and will inhibit the machine’s ability to function at full capacity. A machine that isn’t clean will have a very hard time cleaning other things. 

Follow the cleaning and draining instructions thoroughly and completely every single time you use the machine. This isn’t an area to skimp on! 

Storage Options

Once you’ve done all of that work to maintain and clean your pressure washer, you want to store it properly so that it’s ready to go whenever you need it. 

The most common storage problem we see is with the hose, they can become a tangled mess if you don’t take the time to carefully wind them up. When this happens they’re more likely to develop cracks or holes. It’s a good idea to have a storage plan in place that will hold keep them neat to avoid the issue. 

Best Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips for Top Performance

When you think about pressure washer maintenance it can be natural to think it’s going to be an overwhelming task that will take you tons of time. Luckily, that’s simply not true!

A few simple steps each time you use your machines, plus regular inspections will keep everything running at top capacity with no issues. The best way to set your business up for success is to have quality machines, put routines in place to keep them running correctly, and have professionals on hand to help when things to arise. With that combination, nothing can stand in your way! 

If you are ready to get your company outfitted with the best pressure washers, have any questions, or need any pressure washer services, check us out today! 

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